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The ACLU's Privacy Policy

Direct mail appeals to our members and the general public provide opportunities to describe complicated legal and political issues in ways not possible in other media. They enable us to explain, in detail, the benefits and provisions of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, the complex ways our rights can be protected in the modern world, and the costs of preserving those rights. We use the mail to inform people of the importance of our legal work and to solicit funds that enable us to continue our litigation, public education, and legislative lobbying. Sometimes, as part of our member recruitment program, we exchange or rent out our list of members' names to like-minded organizations and publications.

The ACLU never makes its list available to partisan political groups or those whose programs are incompatible with the ACLU's mission. Whether by exchange or rental, the lists are governed by strict privacy procedures, as recommended by the U.S. Privacy Study Commission. Lists are never actually given into the physical possession of the organization that has rented or exchanged for them, but are processed by a third party. No organization ever possesses our list and no organization will ever see the names of the members on our list unless an individual responds to their mailing.

While direct mail appeals - under strict privacy guidelines - form the basis of our new member acquisition program, and are key to our growth, we understand some members do not wish to receive solicitations from other groups. We gladly honor requests from our members to be removed from the process.

If you are a member and do not wish to receive materials from other organizations, please print and complete this coupon and mail to:

ACLU-NC Membership Department
1663 Mission Street, Suite 460
San Francisco, CA 94103

_____ I prefer not to receive materials from other organizations.
         Please eliminate my name from member exchange/rental lists.

Member #__________ Name:___________________________




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